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Support for the Common Vestry and donations for the new church construction

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

To achieve our goals of this project, we must seek financial sponsorship and investment. Anyone who is interested is invited to participate in our interesting and worthy cause of creating the BEAUTIFUL ORTHODOX CHURCH AND MEANINGFUL, LIVELY, ORIGINAL CULTURAL CENTER IN THE BEAUTIFUL CITY GRAZ.

Through this project, we will establish the basis for many important future undertakings:

  • Strengthening and providing missionary sermons of Orthodoxy and divine services
  • Implementing different programs to help develop Russian and German traditions of culture and language
  • Improving education for children and teenagers
  • Supporting the basis of the Christian family
  • Developing the publishing and outreach activities
  • Expanding of charity, social, and cultural work

Investments in our project will not only bring the material profit but will have a spiritual and moral impact that will be developed in us and in the future generations.

God help us!

If you wish to make a donation to the Orthodox Living of the Protecting Veil of the Most Holy Mother of God, Virgin Mary, in Graz, then you can do so during the service in the church or via bank transfer.

Please transfer the donations to the bank account using the following account details:

Payee: Kassa der Russisch- orthodoxen Kirchengemeinde zu Mariae Schutz in Graz.

Bank:                                        BAWAG                                                 PSK

Index       of the                        bank:                                                    60000

Account                                    number                                               00081198735

IBAN:                                                                                                  AT286000000081198735


In information field “Verwendungszweck” (purpose of payment) don’t forget please to indicate “Kirchenbeitrag”.